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Unforgettable Music with Jim Messina

Showcasing the soundtrack of my teens...

Jim Messina, the singer songwriter that was half of the band, Loggins and Messina from my teens. Messina was also in bands such as Poco, and before that, Buffalo Springfield. Jimmy is responsible for many of songs of a generation. Tunes like 'House at Pooh Corner', 'Dannys Song', 'Your Mama Don't Dance', 'Peace of Mind', 'Vahevala', etc etc etc. He is responsible for portions of the soundtrack of my youth and maybe yours too.

His other bands, Poco and Buffalo Springfield were a little before my time but Loggins and Messina was just right. I recall every summer they played at the Universal Amphitheater and I joyfully attended annually. They never disappointed. Wind forward many decades and Jimmy is still a hard working musician. And for me, as a music photographer get to shoot the gig at the same time I get to go back in the mind in my youth. A wonderful combination.

Jimmy has a great band and they performed many of the hits from all his bands. Yoshis was packed and the audience seemed to really be enjoying themselves singing along with Messina for many songs. At our table sat a couple that were old fans too. The wife was a big Poco fan and her husband was into Buffalo Springfield. After the show they were both happily satisfied as he had played some of their faves. For me it was the Loggins and Messina years and the music that came from them.

After the show, Jim came out of his van to chat with me. A couple years ago I interviewed him via phone, after he played Yoshis. The article link for April 2022 blog in TMS:

He reminded me of some things we discussed a couple years ago. I find Jim to be genuine and grounded. He seems to tour fairly often. If you ever get a chance to see his show, I highly suggest doing so. If you're a child from the 60s 70s or 80s it'll take you back in time, for sure. He does not disappoint. He plays something for everyone. His music catalogue spans several decades and he also continues to write and he even played a couple of his newer solo tunes woven amongst the old favorites.

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