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Orianthi Heats up Yoshis

Updated: Apr 28

Australian guitarist Orianthi Penny Panagari started her music career at age three playing the piano. Three years later she picked up an acoustic guitar at the urging of her father. And by the age of 14 she started playing in bands. The following year at 15, she began writing songs, left school and started following her heart in a professional career in music. Orianthi performed for Steve Vai at 15 and by the age of 18 she got noticed in Adelaide by Carlos Santana. In 2005 she released her debut studio album, Violet. She also played most instruments and provided all the original material for it. She even produced it in her home studio. By 2006 she signed with Geffen Records.

At the 51st Grammy Awards Orianthi played guitar in Carrie Underwoods band and Michael Jacksons management noticed her and asked her to join his band for the This Is It concerts. She remained Michael Jacksons lead guitarist until his death. She then performed at Jacksons globally televised memorial in 2009.

The first time I saw Orianthi was with Alice Coopers band. She did two world tours with him as his lead guitarist. and left his band in 2014. She also played with several others such as Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics, Michael Bolton, and Richie Sambora. Midweek at Yoshis, Orianthi played with her own band, a trio, plus Jeff Ryan a special guest sax player. She played an assortment of originals, and covers ranging from a Keith Urban song to covers by B.B. King, and Joe Bonamassa. She played across the different genres like a pro. The show was only an hour and fifteen minutes, which worked well for me that night as I wasn't feeling my best, but for me, the Yoshis experience is always a good one. It's one of the best venues for the hassle free perks such as low cost parking, (usually under five bucks), and less than a minute walk to the front door of the venue. Not to mention their great food.

Orianthi Live for Hollywood - Orianthi Believe Again - Best of Orianthi - (Affiliate links)

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1 comentário got to see Orianthi! I love her! I found out about her because of "This Is It"! She is so dope! I wish I had been there for that one! Sweet!

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