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Photo by Aaron Rubin

Cheryl Alterman hails from Los Angeles. She studied oil painting under artist William Martin in the style of the old masters. In her early twenties she left LA, bound for England where she married and raised a family. Cheryl attended West Herts College and graduated with a degree in Typographic Design and Photography with two small children in tow.

The early 2000s in the UK, Cheryl did some work with Roger Dean, renowned album cover artist, collaborating on posters and a variety of printed pieces. Cheryl’s accolades include a Billboard Design Award for Maiden Outdoor (UK), published in The Designers and Art Directors-UK, (D & AD), and, she's had a painting selected to hang at the esteemed Royal Academy in London.

Upon moving back to the USA in 2005, Cheryl planted her roots in the beautiful Northern California Wine Country. This location has inspired and enhanced her art. She continues to paint and create graphic design. However, in the past decade, Cheryl combined her deep love for music, with her first true love - art, hence, her music photography was born. On any normal day, you'll find her shooting the music that she loves. 

Spending several years shooting for BAM magazine, and ending up as the BAM Managing Editor covering hundreds of shows in notable Bay Area venues, and for top-level musicians as well as local up-and-coming bands and artists of all kinds and genres. Now she shoots for The Music Soup and occasionally her photos are published in music magazines such as Guitar Player and Modern Drummer. 

Favourite quote: "Do what you love and love what you do." 

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Photo by Aaron Rubin

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