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Music Day in Peacetown

All day music festival showcased 14 bands and plenty of happy music loving attendees.

On a lovely Sunday, on the seventh of April, at the Hopmonk Sebastopol there was an all day music festival and played to 400+ joyful attendees that came out for it. Starting just before 1pm and finishing at 7 the schedule was tight. With alternating stages, one inside the Abbey and the other in the Beer Garden, the sets were short but somehow worked like a well oiled machine. What with Ceni, Bubba and Jim Corbett leading the event it all seemingly went smoothly, and the travel time between stages was happily very short. Unlike events like Outside Lands where the travel time between stages can be a 15/20 minute walk.

The bands that played the event consisted of local favorites, Bohemian Highway, Soul Section, Spike Sikes and his Awesome Hotcakes, Marshall House Project, The Pulsators, Sonoma Shakers, Volker Strifler, The Thugz, Sebastian St. James and more. All featuring insanely talented musicians, sometimes hopping onstage with each others' bands. At one point Eric Lindell was featured as a guest onstage in the Beer Garden with The Pulsators.

The sets were approximately 20 minutes long each, enough for a handful of tune favorites. Everyone seemed happy and grateful to gather and dance. I saw many familiar faces and it seemed to be a good time had by all, attendees and musicians alike. Hopmonk served up all their faves in food and drink. And the place seemed to be packed much of the day. I stayed from beginning to end and noticed that even though the event finished at the early hour of 7pm, the crowd began thinning out by then, whilst it was heaving around mid afternoon. Super fun music gathering in Peacetown, otherwise known as Sebastopol, at the Hopmonk in the gorgeous West County. And what could be better than the stunning sun shiny day with lots of great, food, drink, smiling friendly faces, dancing feet and fab local music! If you missed this event, during the summer at The Barlow, many of these very same bands will be playing so you can catch them then.

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