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Tommy Igoe at Yoshi's, playing with Scott Johnson

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Tommy Igoes' monthly residency at Yoshi's continues the drummers of excellence series.

Tommy Igoe and his awesome band, Groove Conspiracy is playing with Scott Johnson (from The Concord Blue Devils) on Thursday March 9, 2023 at Yoshis Oakland in Jack London Square. Another chance to see Tommy Igoe!

I first heard of drummer, Tommy Igoe on Alice radios' morning show. Sarah Clark, one of the morning show team is also a musician, and she has played with him onstage. She occasionally mentions his name on the air. So I had heard his name before. The week before Tommys' show, at the Simon Phillips show, we were shown to our table that seats four, the other two at our table were also drummers. They introduced themselves and one of the two we were sharing with was Tommy Igoe. We chatted, and all of us enjoyed the Simon Phillips show. After the show, Tommy suggested we come back to Yoshi's the following week to see his show. We did. And we were NOT dissappointed. What an exciting gig! He sure has chops! A friend of mine that teaches drumming has mentioned Tommys' books for teaching drums. He and his students work out of Tommys' four #1 best selling books on drumming.

Igoe may have had drumming in his genes, as his dad, Owen Joseph "Sonny" Igoe was an American jazz drummer and music educator who toured with the orchestras of Tommy Reed, Les Elgart, Benny Goodman and Woody Herman.

As you can imagine, with his dad being a pro drummer, Tommy Igoe began drumming as a young lad, before the age of two! He played classical piano by the time he was 10 and he won more music competitions as a kid than not. Winning two High Percussion awards with the legendary Bridgemen Drumlines.

Tommy Igoe is certainly a world class musician, probably his genetics may have had something to do with it, or his sheer talent or the combination of both. He currently lives in San Francisco. And has a residency at Yoshi's. If you missed him this month, do try to catch his show next month. You wont be dissapointed!

Tommy has played drums on three Grammy Award winning recordings and was voted the World’s #1 Jazz Drummer in the 2014 Modern Drummer magazines' Reader’s Poll. He has two ongoing residencies, one at a Jazz club in New York and the other at Yoshi's in Oakland. His most recent project is the Tommy Igoe Groove Conspiracy, a 15-piece supergroup from the San Francisco. He is currently the President of Deep Rhythm Music, his recording studio, publishing arm, and record label. As far as his residency at Yoshi's, he plays once a month and after seeing his performance, I'd highley suggest checking it out!

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