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Tommy Igoe live at Yoshi's

Updated: Jan 8

The world class drummers showcase continues with another great drummer!

Yoshi's proudly presents their residency drummer, Tommy Igoe. Tommy is front and center at his drum kit on the stage. Clearly a master of the drums, and Tommy comes complete with a shining personality, made for the stage. He includes the audience in conversation during his set. Clearly a natural entertainer at heart. Great smile, happy inviting demeanor, and so incredibly talented with the drumsticks. He plays for about 90 minutes, as most of the Yoshi's shows are that length and slightly shorter. All between 60-90 minutes. It makes for a great early evening show. Not too long not too short.

As Tommy has a residency at Yoshi's, you can catch his show monthly. I assume they are all slightley different. On April 5th he is doing a Big Band show, called, "Tommy Igoes Big Band".

For those of you unfamiliar with Tommy Igoe...he is a world class drummer living in San Francisco. He has been drumming since he was a toddler. And has four top selling teaching books about drumming on Amazon. (see links below).

Yoshi's always is a wonderful intimate venue to see live music without a lot of trouble. In the music side of the restaurant, the capacity is a small 310 people. Which makes the viewing and sound always good. The parking garage is a 30 second walk to the venue. And as Yoshi's validates half of the parking costs, charges fall at around $3 per car. What a bonus!

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