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Recovery on the Road...

How do recovering people in the music business manage their own recovery.

If you've ever been curious how recovering touring musicians manage their lives being immersed in the business known for substance abuse...Here is a great chat between two of my friends in the music biz talking about dealing with recovery for musicians on the road.

Chris Tait from Michigan and Joanne Croxford from the UK, have a chat about how they, and the people they work with deal with incorporating recovery into their lives on the road and beyond in the music business. And how they maintain being clean and sober on the road whilst working amongst musicians and party people.

This series is being kicked off for mental health awareness month. It’s a casual conversation with music professionals about getting into the industry, recovery, and the ability to make better choices. The first guest is Joanne Croxford, a dear friend who helped create an online meeting and has been a tour production coordinator for over a decade. Joanne has worked with Robbie Williams, Duran Duran and is currently on tour with Peaches. An LGBTQ Advocate, Joanne also works with Girls Rock London, and is a person in long term recovery. Joanne talks about her journey, the importance of self-worth and how her perspective has changed in her 13 years as a sober professional.

If you'd like to learn more about Chris Taits' Passenger Recovery organization, please see:

Another interview in this series from Passenger Recovery:

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