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No Rumour, Just Graham Parker

Blast from the past, Graham Parker (solo) played at the Hopmonk Tavern in Novato. For those unfamiliar with this little gem of a's got an outdoor beer garden area with a stage as well as an indoor room for music. This gig took place on their indoor stage. The room was completely sold out. 150 capacity and every seat was taken. Apparently this being the third time for Graham Parker at this venue, all sold out. The promoter, KC Turner says he brings in all his favourite musicians and Graham Parker seemed to be one of them.

I was looking forward to seeing this blast from my past. As I remember Parker being a little edgy when he came onto the music scene. Very 'Elvis Costello like' if I had to compare him. His voice was very recognizable. Parkers' first album came out in 1976, and then many more albums to follow as he became an artist to watch during the late 70s.

The gig was about 90 minutes long. His personality was charming. And he had his English wit about him throughout the show, which really added to the performance. In fact he was super funny. Comedy is one of his talents that I was unfamiliar with and he was dry and sharp, or maybe I connected with his humour because I lived in the UK for so long, I don't know. But the audience seemed to enjoy his jokes as well as every note of the music. Which is what everyone wants when they go out to a show. Parker, who is 72, played a lot of pre demo songs and unreleased material. All in all the audience seemed to love the show.

The show was put together well. KC Turner does a great job as Hopmonk promoter. And the venue is always a pleasure to attend. They serve great food and if you drink, the bar is good.

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