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Lauren Forcella Fine Art, at Fulton Gallery

Updated: Nov 26, 2022


Since publishing this article lots has happened, so I wanted to do an update for Laurens art....Firstly, her billboard has been erected in San Jose at the Tully Street exit, (pictured below). Also, I've been to the Fulton Gallery and its a beautiful display! A whole room really does her work justice! I shot a few photos whilst I was there of the room that displays only Laurens work. Also pictured below. So do yourself a treat and if you're in or near Santa Rosa, go have a mosey in the gallery. Its really a treat. And if you're an art lover like me...there is a plethora of other cool art there. Make a day of it, or a couple of hours is quite sufficient. Its not a huge gallery but it does have some intersting art and artists. Its a working gallery so in many areas of the gallery the artists are actually painting and that allows you to have a chat with each. And this made my visit even more interesting. I met many creatives there and being immersed and surrounded by art can never be a bad thing, in my book.


I take great personal pleasure in introducing you to my dear friend, and very talented contemporary impressionist artist, Lauren Forcella. Laurens' art is colourful and full of life. Both in her work and as a person. She draws from nature and adds her own impressionistic spin with lots of texture and beautiful colours, and of course, her own creativity. Her painting, "Aspen Sky", (pictured above), was recently chosen by a juried vote to be on a billboard by Fine Art America. It was quite an achievement and I am so incredibly proud of this huge win for her and her art. The billboard with Laurens' "Aspen Sky", is by the 101 freeway South in San Jose near the Tully Lane exit.

On November 11, in Santa Rosa, her paintings will be displayed at Fulton Crossing Gallery. Fulton Crossing is at the junction of River Road and Fulton Avenue in North West Santa Rosa. It will run from November 11th, 2022 - February 6th, 2023. The gallery is open, Friday-Sunday, 11am - 4pm. The address is 1200 River Road, Fulton, (NW Santa Rosa), CA 95439.

Lauren paints in oils. And she considers her style to be contemporary impressionism. She applies the paint thick which is called 'impasto painting' which not only adds dimension but gives an added emotional feeling to her work. She chooses not to re work when she applies her thick brush stokes. This style is called, “au premier coup”. Some artists, like myself re work for months, as oils lend themselves to do so, like a sculpture. I choose to 'sculpt' my paintings whereas Lauren does the opposite. When she lays on the first layer, thats where it stays. And for her work, it works! She paints nature as she sees it. It flows freely and the colours she uses, boost the images enhancing the painting and the visuals she creates on canvas, and is quite a treat.

Lauren says that "art is like love" as they both light up the same part of your brain, just like when you are falling in love. I totally get it! And who doesn't love, falling in love!??

Laurens' exhibit is hanging locally, in the Fulton Crossing Gallery, check it out in person whilst you can. And you'll experience it in a different way than on the computer. Up close is always a wonderful treat to view art. You see the intense depth and texture that may go unnoticed on a screen or in print. Seeing is believing!

Fall in love with the art of Lauren Forcella! She is one of my closest friends, so I may be a tad biased, but once you see her art in person, you'll understand. Lauren Forcella creates magical landscapes that depict the emotional essence of being in nature. It will lift your mood, enhance any decor, and create a wonderful individual experience. You can browse both her originals and prints for sale on her website,

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1 Comment

Cheryl, Thank you a million for your wonderful article!! It's fun to find your brimming enthusiasm for music spill over to my artwork. I hope someday you will share your own amazing artwork on here. I know that painting was your first love and it would be fun for your music fans to see. Thank you again, SO MUCH, for sharing my art with your followers and the shout out for the upcoming Fulton Crossing show! -- Lauren Forcella ❤️

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