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Lake Street Dive live at the Fox Theatre, Oakland

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Lake Street Dive played the Fox Theatre in Oakland on Oct 13 and 14. They sold out both nights. The Altons from LA opened the shows. And, Lake Street Dive played their hearts out for the 90 minute set. The second night, October 14 was the last show of their entire tour.

LSD is a five piece band that originated in 2004 at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. The band is lead by vocalist Rachel Price. Although, they've been a band since 2004, I've only started hearing of them for the past five or six years. This was the fourth time I've seen this band, and each time they have delivered a great performance.

The whole band are pro players, Prices' vocals are super strong and she knows how to command the stage. In 2017 the keyboard player, Akie Bermiss joined the band and he is an epic vocalist. He really showed his huge talents on this tour. Great voice! In fact I can see him going solo at some point, as his vocals and playing are so strong.

From my point of view as a photographer, the Fox is usually a nice place to shoot at. The photo pit is spacious and the security is usually pretty chill. On this night I was the only photographer, and that sometimes happens, but not too often. I imagine the night before there were several photographers covering the show in the pit. An unusual thing that happened at this show was that they specified i shoot only the 4th, 5th and 6th song (of each band). Never before has that happened and I'm unsure why, but whatever their reason, it worked out fine. I always love to shoot live music and this night, whether it be the 4th to the 6th song or the normal 1st to the 3rd song, it was a great shoot.

Lake Street Dive has a big following now, so much so, the two nights brought a completely packed audience. In their 90 minute set they included several cover tunes, including tunes by the Jackson Five, Bonnie Raitt and the Pointer Sisters. As well as their own library of music, including "Good Kisser", "Seventeen", and "You Go Down Smooth". All in all, going to a Lake Street Dive show, in my opinion is always a great show, and always a good time! Here are the shots I took on the 14th, during their last show of the tour:

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