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Indigo Girls harmonize live at the Green Music Center

The Indigo Girls', Amy Ray and Emily Saliers met in elementary school in Atlanta Georgia. They began playing as "Saliers and Ray" and then by 1985 changed their band name to the "Indigo Girls" by the time they got to college at Emory University. They released their first album by 1987 and signed with a major record company the following year.

Amy and Emily have been long time political activists championing the causes of and held benefit concerts for the environment, gay rights, the rights of Native Americans, and the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. They are both very vocal lesbians and have fought for lesbian and gay rights for many years.

Both Emily and Amy are in long term lesbian relationships (separately). And they each have one daughter with their spouses.

The Indigo Girls are all strings and harmonies. During their 90 minute show at the Green Music Center, they changed their stringed instruments between each and every song. They played electric, and acoustic guitars as well as a mix between ukulele, banjo, mandolin and their violinist, Lyris Hung played dulcimer as well as violin during the show. This show was a three piece band with the opening act Garrison Starr singing vocals on the last two songs.

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