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AWB, live at Yoshi's fifty years on...

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The Average White Band is anything but average! Fifty years on The Average White Band, known as, "AWB" still performs a tight set. They played Yoshi's Oakland, for two consecutive nights, two shows per night. And, kudos to the band, as they got most of the house at Yoshi's up on their feet and dancing much of the show. Nice to see, for sure. Great vibes in the house and the players on the stage were as tight as a band can be. To me, they sounded so much like Tower of Power, I had to keep on reminding myself throughout their set that it was actually a different band! Two of the members have been with the band for fifty years, bassist and guitarist, Alan Gorrie and Owen "Onnie" McIntyre. These two have been with AWB since its birth back in London in 1972. They are a Scottish funk and R&B band that had a series of soul and disco hits in the mid to late 70s. They're best known for their million-selling instrumental track "Pick Up the Pieces", and their albums AWB and Cut the Cake. Average White Band has been playing for half a century and it shows in their expertise and their large, loyal following. The two night stint at Yoshi's drew a very happy and very grateful audience. the place was packed and it was obvious that a great time was had by all! Heres a few photos I shot from the show:

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