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Kingsborough plays the Krush backyard

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

August 10, 2017 was another one of Sonoma County fave events, KRSH Backyard Concert. Tonight Lungs and Limbs, a great four piece indie band opened for Kingsborough. Lungs and Limbs played a great set whilst the KRSH crowd settled in, got their bevvie of choice, and enjoyed the music.

The headliner, Kingsborough is a great rock n roll band from Sonoma County that proves time after time that they are here to stay. I do believe that someday in the not too distant future, Kingsborough will be playing large venues opening for big bands, and soon after that they will go on to headline in those very same large venues. Watch out for them! Fronted by Billy Kingsborough from Santa Rosa, Alex Leach on guitar, Chris Mangione on bass, and John Whitney holding it all together on drums. The four of them seem to be great friends and play better and better every time I see them! They recently came out with their CD, "1544" and its a must listen to new album. Seriously...I didn't think I was going to be so impressed but I was very VERY wrong. This album is excellent! Check it out. And check out Kingsborough coming to a venue near you.

On September 16, Kingsborough will be supporting another great Sonoma County band, The Highway Poets at The Mystic Theatre in Petaluma. A must see gig for sure. Getting the Poets and Kingsborough together on stage is like the finest pairing of wine and fab food! A show not to be missed!

The Krush is a local radio station in the Wine Country Radio family of 5 stations in Sonoma County. The tagline for KRSH is "contrary to ordinary" ...and it is, though it does vary from time to time, depending much on the programming. Its a triple A format and has been a favorite for the eclectic playlist. Bill Bowker is the afternoon drive time DJ and is the jewell in the KRSH crown. He's been working there for more than two decades and is big in the Blues and Americana genres. Bowker came to Wine Country Radio from LA where he worked at my old favorite LA station, KROQ. The day KROQ went formatted, is the day Bill left and came north with his wife and daughter. They made a home in NorCal and Bowker has been voted best DJ several times during his two plus decades up here. Wine Country Radio has five stations in all, ranging from top forty, to Latino. The KRSH also has an awesome French Canadian favorite morning drive time DJ from Quebec, Andre de Channes on the air from 6-11amnnes. Andre is also a musician and plays in the band, The Thugz. The Thugz have a strong following of Dead heads and locals that like good music. KRSH also has one of my favorite radio shows with 'Big Dave', David Gross and the "Rockabilly Roadhouse" on Saturday mornings from 9-11. The Backyard Concert Series happens every summer from May to September. The KRSH opens the backyard of the station to any music lovers that want to come and have a good time. And they do! The concerts are free. Local and national acts play, and it usually happens on Thursday evenings from 6-8. Check out the schedule and mosey on by. Have a glass of wine or a pint and enjoy some good live music.

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