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Kenny Loggins live at Rodney Strong Vineyards

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Three decades ago, Kenny Loggins and Jimmy Messina were at the forefront of modern rock. Successful touring and hit records for several years on the trot was what this duo had in the seventies. Wind forward thirty years, Kenny Loggins doing solo what he did with his partner Jimmy Messina decades ago.

In the Wine Country, Northern California at the lovely Rodney Strong Vineyards in Healdsburg, Kenny Loggins filled the seated and grassy area. The crowd, was pretty much made up of the demo, 45's +, with glass of wine in hand now, to what they probably saw Loggins with in the 70s smoking a joint instead. Loggins entered with a six piece band, all skilled musicians. Kenny perched on a stool, guitar in hand and proceeded to sing, "Dannys Song"...with a participating audience singing along to near enough every word. (Including yours truly). He then went into a story about the next song, glass of wine in hand, of course. And he even made mention that the glass of wine used to be a joint but as he's a grandpa now...Anyway...he told a great story about the next song that he thought was doomed to only be heard in his shower. When he was young, dating girl, he sang this song for her, telling her that he knows that probably no one will hear it and it probably won't do anything due to its about Pooh Bear and getting the rights he'd have to go through Disney, which will prove to be impossible. To which she replied, "I'll talk to daddy"...He didn't know it at the time but the girl he was dating was the daughter of one of the highest executives of Disney back then! She called daddy and the rest is history....Loggins then went into a beautiful rendition of, "House at Pooh Corner".

At that point I was thinking that he'd play a lot of the music back from the Loggins and Messina days, but much to my dismay, that was the last of the songs from that time. I hadn't been of fan of his later, and very commercial stuff, but I didn't hate it either. I just wish there was more from the early days with his then partner Messina.

Throughout the show he talked, told stories, smiled a lot and was so gracious, friendly and had a genuine warm smile. He came into the audience and sang, stood on a chair, shook hands and seemed like a lovely person. Spoke about being a grandpa now and his love for his family, his home base in Santa Barbara, played 16 songs for a couple hours, to a very appreciative audience.

After two encores, ending with "Mama", and then, "Forever". Truly a show I am happy to have been present at...happy to re live the music I went to see as a young teen in L.A.. Would I go to see him again next time he comes to town, sure. He was a pleasure to watch, he looked and sounded great and seemed like such a lovely guy. And for a guy at 69 years old I can even add that he was still a hottie!!! Always a plus when a rocker ages well, and not many nearing 70 I would think is hot, but Kenny Loggins was absolutely still in that category for me, as he was when I was a kid!

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