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Maroon 5 live at Bottle Rock Napa 2017

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Maroon 5 headlined at the Bottle Rock music festival the first night of the weekend. Looking forward to their performance as I had never seen them live before and I do like their music. They did all their hits and Adam Levine was...well, umm err, Adam Levine. Sorry to say, nothing truly stands out for me from their performance. They ended about 15 minutes early so their set was 15 minutes short and at a festival, the music needs every second of the time allowed. I was disappointed they didn't give it the entire time. They opened with "Moves Like Jagger", and ended (17 songs later) with Prices' "Lets Go Crazy". All good nothing to complain about really. Good performance, and a nice headlining act to open Bottle Rock 2017 weekend.

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