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Vintage Trouble live at The Luther Burbank Center

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Vintage Trouble is back, and touring on the West Coast (USA) now! I highly suggest you catch these guys playing a show. Their electricity is contagious. Below is the blog and photo gallery from their show on this day two years ago at the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa.

For all the "Troublemakers" out there, you know how the show went, because VT is consistant. For those of you who havent yet seen Vintage Trouble...whats taking you so long?

For me, I've been a "Troublemaker" for longer than this band has been using that term for their fans...but as far as being a fan of this band...I'm a true Troublemaker!

This show had a lot at stake for me and my partner. Although we are hardcore live music goers, this was the first indoor show we were attempting since the start of Covid. We've been pretty good about social distancing and not participating in crowded events, until this month. First in August, it was Green Days' Hella Mega Tour (outdoors), then BottleRock (outdoors) in September. BottleRock, with its 50,000 attendees for a whole weekend, with few masks in sight at both. Wind ahead a few weeks and now we have our first fully indoor show. But as the LBC is only down the street, I couldnt miss VT being so close and not being there. What pushed my decision over the edge was the opener, my pal, the very talented local singer/songwriter Sebastian St James.

Sebastian St James lives in Sonoma County, and is in a couple local bands. The bands are really great, but personally I've always prefferred Sebastian as a solo act. He reminds me of a modern day Peter Gabriel. As I am a long time Gabriel fan, liking Sebastians' music was easy. His soothing slightley raspy voice is perfect for a solo set with him, his guitar and a loop pedal. Kinda like our own Ed Sheeran in a way. First time I heard his solo music, he handed me a CD that he had recorded in his bedroom. I listened to it alot. I liked it immediately and started loaning it to friends of mine to share the great musicianship with many. Everyone I shared it with liked it too. So when I asked Sebastian when can I see him play solo live, he said he'll be opening for VT, and I was going to my first indoors show in Covid era! Sebastian had a 25 minute set and each of those minutes were quality. I am hoping to see him do more with his solo act in future. Watch out for him and do check him out. He is one to watch!

© Cheryl Alterman Photography 2021

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