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The Robert Cray Band Live at Yoshi's

The Robert Cray band is a blend of many genres including R&B, soul, blues, rock and funk. Since 1974 this band has recorded over twenty albums and has sold millions worldwide.

I try to catch this show each time they play near me and I got to catch the show at Yoshi's, Jack London Square this week. Always one of my favourite venues to see shows. The Cray band played two shows on Monday and Tuesday to a packed audience. This year was unusual for me, as I didn't photograph the show, I simply attended with a friend to enjoy the music. Last year I did shoot it and the photo gallery below accompanying this blog are mostly from that show at The Mystic Theatre in Petaluma from February of 2022.

I can happily report back that each time I see this band I walk away lifted and satisfied with their performance. The Robert Cray band never dissappoints. All the players are so pro and tight and have been together for a long time. His bass player, Richard Cousins, has been in this band from the start. And this is one bass player that kinda takes center stage as his personality shines and he quite obviously loves performing and adores what he does. Always nice to see as a music lover! Along with Richard Cousins on bass, Dover Weinberg plays keys and Les Falconer is on drums, with Robert Cray playing guitar and lead vocals. And his vocals are sweet, smooth and beautiful. He has a unique tone all his own. If he comes to a venue near you, I'd always suggest catching the show!

Most of the photo gallery below was shot last year at The Mystic Theater in Petaluma, and the last five shots were shot on my iPhone this week at Yoshi's.

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