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Hella Mega Tour live at Oracle Park

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Four bands, a zillion people, all at one venue, in the midst of the global pandemic! This was my first venture to a large event since the pandemic began. So naturally, it was a bit daunting, at first. Especially when being in the photo pit and turning around to see the attendees, most of which were maskless. A sight that I've not seen in a long time.

First onstage was a band called, The Interupters. Female lead singer, but, for me, their music was reletively forgettable. Next up was Weezer. A band I've seen a few times. I like their body of music but they had an awful sound issue at Oracle Park during the Weezer set, and it was difficult to listen to, sadly. By the next band, Fall Out Boy, the sound improved immensley and they provided an amazing set complete with Pete Wentz throwing flames from the headstock on his bass guitar. Being born in the suburbs of Chicago, 2001, as a pop punk band, Andy Hurley, the drummer, (and my personal favourite in this band) made their set over the top! Then came the headliners....Green Day...Their set was electric as they usually are live. I've been lucky enough to see them perform many times. All shows, excellent. Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool play as if it was their last show. They always do, and I commend them for this. Performing many but not all of their hits. Billie Joe shmoozing with the audience as normal, he makes that ever important connection between the band and the people who have paid good money to be in the audience. The Green Day members always seem to remember what its like to be in the audience. and they always tend to give their fans value for money. At the end of an absolutely epic set, they set off fireworks behind the stage during the finale. And that was that....another amazing Green Day show!

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