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Double Drums at Yoshis...pure magic!

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Tommy Igoes' residency at Yoshis is usually a great show choice to go see, on any month. I've been to a few. Recently, on 8th November, something happened on that stage that was magical, as Tower of Power master drummer, David Garibaldi joined Igoe for a dream team of "Double Drums". If that weren't enough, the Tower of Power sax player, Tom E. Polizter played tenor sax, Drew Zingg from Steely Dan on guitar, and a band of total pros consisting of, Colin Hogan, Daniel Lucca Parenti, Mike Rinta, Louis Fasman, Aaron Lington, Steffan Kuehn, and Marc Russo, all played on that stage at Yoshis and blew the packed audience away! I'm unsure as to how publicized this duo dream gig was, as I heard through word of mouth from a drummer friend of mine that had been to a Tommy Igoe show the month before when he announced his "guest" at the next show. But the audience was packed, even with minimal publicity. When the 75 minute show ended, the audience left in amazement at what we just witnessed. Honestly, for me, when Tommy entered the stage and began with a Snarky Puppy tune, it was so over the top great that it was well worth the admission in itself, but then Dave Garibaldi joined him and the intensity of the excellence just grew.

The show in its entirety had that certain "je ne sais quoi" that doesnt happen often. As if a rare musical magic had taken over and the synchronicity between the ten+ players on that Yoshis stage were driven by the musical gods.

By the end of the 75 minutes, it was obvious that the two drummers, at the front and center of the stage had a lovely heart warming, deep respect and admiration for one another. Throughout the show Tommy had been looking over at DG with a proud ear to ear smile as if to say, 'I'm playing with this legend'. And Tommy played his heart out, as he was as masterful as they get. All in all this show was one of those rare gigs that, that I felt so lucky, privileged and honoured to have been there to witness. It will be remembered as one of the top 75 minutes of musical magnificence for sure.

My friend Robin came with me to this gig, he is also a drummer. Robin added, "For me the highlight of the night was when Tommy Igoe and David Garibaldi were playing "What is Hip" along with the killer band. Tommy directed the band, and at one point stopped playing while the band was sizzling, he stood up, and explained to the drummer-filled audience that even if they can play that groove they will never have The “Oakland Voodoo” of David Garibaldi! David smiled while he continued to throw down on this Tower of Power classic he helped make famous."

Tommy Igoe has a residency at Yoshis. He plays once a month. Like I said, I've seen a few of his solo shows. I was never dissappointed. He makes it a point to explain to the audience that these are rarely rehearsed and whatever happens is what happens. Igoe is charming and witty, he talks and interacts with the audience between songs. All his shows have all been joyful and very professional. But the special night that was "Double Drums" with David Garibaldi and Tommy Igoe playing together, was a special one for sure, and will not be easily forgotten.

Yoshis, Jack London Square, Oakland, is always a wonderful venue to see a show. The food is good. The car park is inexpensive (under five bucks). Its a 60 second walk to the front door, the shows are 75 minutes long, the staff is efficient and friendly, the venue is always clean, and its never a hassle. Add all of this, added to a fantastic show, and all I can say is this is one of the greatest joys life can offer. I strongly suggest...go to a show at Yoshis Oakland!


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