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Blondie still has it!

Deborah Harry, Clem Burke, Glen Matlock and band, rock The Masonic in San Francisco!

Blondie hit the scene in the mid 70s. Became popular in the UK and Ausralia and then in 1978 they blew up in the USA with the release of their third album, "Parallel Lines". For a few years Blondie had a bunch of hit singles, including "Heart of Glass", "Call Me", "Atomic", "The Tide Is High", and “Rapture”. They have aged with grace, style and longevity in the music business. Their music remains popular today and the audience was very excited to see them and the players were obviously happy to be on stage again. As a live music lover that's been on the planet for more than a half century, this band and bands like them, are part of that life soundtrack we all have in our brains. And it always feels good when revisited.

On the stage tonight was a special addition to Blondie, Glen Matlock, bass player from the original Sex Pistols. Drummer Clem Burke seems to get better and better each time I've seen him. He played with the Go Gos a couple months ago, and he blew my mind with his mad drumming skills, as he did tonight. In my opinion on drummers, he is one of the best.

The photos I shot from tonights show was from the FOH, ('front of house', which is really back of house). As far as the music they played at tonights show. I thought they could've reduced the new material, whilst increasing the amount of their gems, we all know and love. And Blondie has a ton of tunes they could've done. Their library is substantial. Also, I wasn't in love with their new material. But I do love Blondie, Deborah Harry and Clem Burke are super talents in the music biz, that have been playing for five decades. From the energy onstage, it looks like they'll be going for a while longer! See them if you can!

The following are photos from this show at The Masonic. But the last pic in the gallery, of me and my hero, Debbie Harry. It was taken in her dressing room after a long show they did about 5 years ago in Saratoga. Even though she has a stern look on her face, she was quite cordial about my presence and our conversation that evening. And hey, I got to hang with my childhood idol for a while, in private. We talked about a variety of things including the last time I saw them play, in Brighton, England in the late 90s. A meeting I will never forget!

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