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The Tubes, (and others), heating it up at Sausalito Art Festival!

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Sausalito Art Festival 2017...Over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and The Tubes begin their set. Short but sweet, but no doubt, typically Tubes. Complete with costume changes and straight jacket even in one hundred degree heat!

Fee Waybill entered the stage in a full Zootsuit complete with hat on a scorcher like today, crazy for anyone. As the minutes went by, Fee peeled off his suit and eventually changed to other attire, more appropriate for the pounding heat. Though The Tubes played well, I'm afraid the heat got to them and as they finished their set, I was actually happy they did, not because I didn't like it, but the unyielding weather was too much for the artists performing as well as this lone photographer shooting in the sun.

Afterwards, we were scheduled to interview Fee for BAM magazine, but he had to cancel as the heat exhaustion set in...Not surprised. The Tubes did give their all, and the audience didn't seem disappointed.

This is the second time I've seen The Tubes at this festival...both times good. The only exception was that the weather didn't allow them to perform in all their glory. They tried their best, and even though Fee, (66), the lead singer is in great shape and seems ready for just about anything...the heat got to us all that day, and he was no exception. The Tubes proved that the show must go on, and it did! The Tubes worked hard for the money on that day!

After The Tubes, BAM magazines' Kenny Wardell interviewed Pablo Cruise, though I couldn't stay for their set, as I had somewhere else to be, I did catch a few minutes of The Fixx...and they were excellent!

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