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Roger Waters live at The Golden 1 Center, Sacramento

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Rogers Waters was well worth a wait! One of the best overall 'shows' ever! I had a bit of trepidation prior to the show, as I've heard that Roger Waters devotes a bit of his show in true political Pink Floyd glory advertising his strong pro Palestinian views in a somewhat anti Semitic style. I'm all about passion and personal views and communicating these thru art, so am not opposed to artists conveying their viewpoint through their medium. I was pleasantly surprised to see the view point of the night was one that I hold dear...which is anti Trump! The show consisted of 24 songs in all split into two sets. Opening with "Speak to Me", then, "Breathe", and on he went with so many Floyd favourites that we all know and love. About halfway through the show the visuals got quite intense as the pigs flew thru the air with pictures depicting Donald Trump as a pig, and as a man baby crawling in diapers. Hate and violence visuals abound to match the present political climate of today. A couple minutes in, I turned around and noticed that many people in the section behind me, had got up and left the arena in disgust. Trump supporters obviously were not impressed by this colourful 'in your face' array of the man baby visuals! Truly, for me one of the highlights of the night! Along with the Trump part of the show, I also enjoyed how many songs I really loved and brought back so many memories. I was never a real Pink Floyd fan in my youth, bit thats not to say I didn't appreciate and like their music. But this evening gave me a real appreciation of their huge body of music, and I can now say, I do love it. Some of the tracks from the night were epic renditions of, "Another Brick in the Wall, "Wish You Were Here" "Welcome to the Machine", "Money", "Us and Them" and ending with "Comfortably Numb". A truly spectacular show in all. What really impressed me is I was with two young boys aged 12 and 14. The 12 year old was familiar with the music but the 14 year old is into his genre of contemporary electronic/trap music and wasn't familiar nor into the Pink Floyd / Waters' music...when I asked him what he thought, he said he loved the show, with great enthusiasm! Thats when you know that Roger Waters did a phenomenal job at bringing great entertainment to the masses. When he can give a critical 14 year old, that doesn't know any of his music, a really good experience! And as for me, I would absolutely go to see Roger Waters again in a heartbeat!

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