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The Music Scene | Covid 22 Edition

Its now January 2022 and Covid is surging again. Wave three or four, I dont know, I've lost track, like many of us. Delta variant subsiding, Omicron surging hard and I recently heard that a new variant is coming our way. So the pandemic news does not look good at this time. But, it could change soon. The CDC has announced their prediction that as fast as Omicron started, they say in a month or two it will disappear.


Amongst the Covid surge, there have been numerous, concert, theatre and airline cancellations. Not all, but many cancelled or postponed. And then, BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival was announced today for the end of May 2022! The three day lineup has been announced to include acts such as, Pink, Metallica, Greta Van Fleet, Fantastic Negrito, 21 Pilots, Black Crowes, Pitbull, and Marcus King, to name just a few. Last year BottleRock did happen despite Covid, but on different dates than normal taking place in September.
I see concerts are booked for April onwards. A few of the big annual festivals that have recentley been announced to take place this year are Coachella, Lolapalooza, Bonaroo, Pitchfork and many more. I guess we will all sit back and see soon enough if they actually happen. I'm hoping so, as that may also mean that the pandemic is finally decreasing or disappearing altogether. 

This is definiley a wait and see time for the next couple of months.

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