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From the Editor 

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Photo by Aaron Rubin

It's been quite a changing month for the live music a very good way! If you follow live music as I do, you would've noticed that it all seems to be opening up again. Bands that postponed their shows are coming back, rescheduling, selling tickets andperforming! This is such great news if you love live music as I do. Its good news for everyone from concert goers, to roadies and crew, to the artists that are playing again. Its good news for those of us that nourish our souls with live music! 

Going out to a venue these days has changed a tad, now that we show our vaccination cards upon entry. Naturally, queues take a little longer, with the short wait for the proof of vax cards, but well worth it if we get live music again. 

Covid is decreasing and life as we knew it is slowly returning. I'm hoping this holds and continues the decrease with no new variants emerging. And whilst this is happening we are beginning to gather outdoors AND even indoors too! My partner and I ate inside at Yoshi's the other night before the Steve Gadd show and we realized that this was our very first time eating inside a restaurant in two years! Weird feeling for sure. But its something all humans will be going through during the next year or longer. All I can say is that I truly hope that it continues to decrease and perhaps next year at this time we will have no more Covid and we will again feel ok going out in public, with or without masks. Whatever happens in the future for this pandemic, I am feeling very grateful that we seem to be seeing an end to the isolation and to the days without live music!

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