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From the Editor 

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Photo by Aaron Rubin

The world is such a mess at the moment! Time moves on and now there is war in Ukraine, on top of a threat that Covid will soon be worsening. News these days is rough. Not much to look forward to and not much good news around. Still battling the Covid ups and downs and threats of another outbreak running through the population. So much world stress and divisevness. Now we have Putin threatening the world with nuclear aggression. We cant get much of a break at the moment. The world is the most stressed out right NOW. So, when theres so much stress in life, dont forget that music is a great stress reliever. Turn up your favourite tunes, lay on the floor and feel it, really feel it.
You'll feel better, I promise. Its very uplifting!

This rant is about gratitude. These days we have to take time to stop, look around at where you are, what you have, (even if its the most modest situation).
Look at who you are with, take a breath, breathe in the relief of not having to run away from Russian bombs, guns and 
missiles. Take it in, REALLY. Be grateful for being alive. Appreciating whatever we do have, whomever we are with, (hopefully nice people surround you), and take it all in. Breathe.


Whats going on out there is hard. Hard on humanity. Did you know, that if you have spare change you can remove from your jeans pocket at night, and you are reading this on a are in the top five percent of the world populations' richest. Seriously, take a good look around, and if you are not in Ukraine trying to stay alive. Be grateful for where you are and what you have.

A couple days ago, one fo my favourite drummers,Taylor Hawkins overdosed and died at the age 50. Such an unnecessary death. I'm sure Taylors family, Dave Grohl, and the Foo Fighters are in a pile of deep pain at this moment trying to get through the loss of their beloved Taylor. Tragic tragic loss. My heart breaks for all those closest to Taylor.

We know, sad and bad things happen to good people all over the world. Everyday. So this months' "From the Editor" is simply my message to all you lovely music lovers out there, to keep your loved ones close and appreciate them now. Cause you dont know what tomorrow will bring. Life is so short. Especially with all the uncertainty in the world today, Appreciate all that you have. A little gratitude goes a long way, especially with human kindness. Say something nice to a stranger. Say thank you. Apologize quickley. Love fully. Put your arms around a loved one and tell them how much they mean to you. Say the words, 'I love you' to someone who needs to hear it, to simply let them know they matter and are loved. Because sadly, they may not be here tomorrow. Life is so very short.

RIP Oliver Taylor Hawkins 🥁 

With peace, love and music, 


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