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Happy New Year music lovers! Welcome to 2022, and the second edition of The Music Soup. Hoping to feed your head, and quench your thirst with this fresh bowl of music chat. Read live music reviews, check out the photo gallery, and classifieds sections. You can communicate with other music people on our Classifieds page. So, come on in, make yourself comfortable and satisfy your hunger with The Music Soup. Please subscribe below and get the freshest issues delivered directly to your inbox!

Its now January 2022 and Covid is surging, again. Wave three or four, I've lost track. Delta variant subsided, Omicron surging hard, and I recently heard that a new variant, Ihu, may be coming our way. Or perhaps it was born and died, we will know soon enough. So the pandemic news does not look good at this time. But, it could change soon. The CDC has announced their prediction that as fast as Omicron started, they say in a month or two it will disappear. Perhaps it'll become an endemic, like the seasonal flu. In the meantime, venues are closing permenantly, musicians are starving or getting 'jobs' in other industries and shows all over are being cancelled and postponed. Musicians, have been out of work, and/or experiencing a greatly reduced workload. Some are getting creative on how to earn a living without live shows.


Amongst the recent Covid surge, there have been numerous cancellations in many industries as well as the music biz. Airlines have cancelled hundreds of flights, 
restaurants are closed or serving outside and theatres have closed until further notice. 


With all the closeures happening, festivals are being announced! A couple days ago BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival was announced to take place at the end of May 2022! The three day lineup will include, Pink, Metallica, Greta Van Fleet, Fantastic Negrito, 21 Pilots, Black Crowes, Pitbull, and Marcus King, to name but a few. Last year BottleRock did happen despite Covid, but on different dates than the normal Memorial Day weekend, as it took place Labour Day weekend in September instead.

It looks like many concerts are booked for April onwards. A few big annual festivals that have recentley been announced alongside the BottleRock announcement, to take place this year. Those announcements include Coachella, Lolapalooza, Bonaroo, Pitchfork, all booked for 2022. I guess we will all sit back and see soon enough if they actually happen. I'm hoping so, as that may also mean that the pandemic is finally decreasing or with any luck, disappearing altogether. This is definitley a wait and see time for the next couple of months. Crossed fingers that Covid will soon be a thing of the past and let the roaring twenties begin!

Music connects people...  

With peace, love and music, 


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