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From the Editor 

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Photo by Aaron Rubin

Greetings music lovers! Welcome to the first edition of The Music Soup. Hoping to feed your head, and quench your thirst with this fresh bowl of music chat. Packed with live music reviews, photo gallery, and even a classifieds section. Where you'll be able to communicate with other music people on our Classifieds page. Enjoy this brand new,
'go to' for music and be part of our TMS community. So, come on in, make yourself comfortable and satisfy your hunger with The Music Soup. Please remember to subscribe below and recieve the newest issues as soon as they're served up!


As the Corona virus pandemic is still with us, people all round the globe are are trying to navigate how to 'be' in these dark times with Covid 19 and all its variants still looming. We're calling this way of being..."the new normal." And sadly, the new variants of the virus always seems to be on the increase. All whilst in the background hearing the murmurs of political and scientific devisiveness between the "vaxxers" vs the "anti vaxxers".

This site, The Music Soup, has been a glimmer in my eye for ages. After working for many years on BAM magazine as Managing Editor/and senior photojournalist. I've wanted to bring back something in the spirit of the original BAM of the mid seventies. 
I want The Music Soup to be a product of not only my music blogs, music reviews, and photos, but I'd like you, the musicians and music lovers to have as much particpation as possible. In the Classifieds section, you'll have the opportunity to sell gear here, or if you need a drummer or are a drummer that needs a band, use the Classifieds! Use the classifieds section to reach out as you like! Chit chat about what brings you joy in music, or what doesn't. Share your thoughts, your music, your musical turn ons and turn offs. Put up a link to your new favourite music or share your own music. Use The Music Soup as your megaphone to share with other music lovers. Or come on in to read the music blogs, reviews or simply have a gander at the photo galleries. This is for us all. So, come on in to this Covid safe, music gathering space and consider The Music Soup, as much mine as it will be, yours. Get comfy, and sit down for a yummy bowl of The Music Soup, to s
atisfy your musical hunger. 

The most delicious ingredient of all, is, music connects people.  

With peace, love and music,


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