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Pablo Cruise Rocks Nicasio

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Memorial Day weekend, Pablo Cruise played Rancho Nicasio. This band is in their 50th year of performing, and two original members still remain in the band, Cory Lerios (keys and vocals) and David Jenkins (guitar and vocals). Both being not only great musicians but they also have a quick wit, and crack plenty of jokes along the way in their two sets at Nicasio.

Pablo Cruise in 2023 is made up of five players...All amazing musicians on their own and have quite impressive CVs. They've all been playing with other top musicicians and I'll mention just a few as their resumes are lengthy! Vocalist Robbie was on tour with Roger Waters and David Gilmore, Larry was on tour with Air Supply, Sergio from the Jennifer Lopez band. The original two members Dave and Cory still head this band and are pro players on their own. Both funny and both so lovely interacting with their adoring audience.

I've worked with them before doing a photo shoot but never actually had seen them play until this gig. Before they went onstage I was chatting with their drummer, Sergio. He asked me if I'll be writing anything for The Music Soup about this gig. I told him that my mother taught me not to not say anything if I haven't got something nice to I couldn't yet answer his question. When the band took a break halfway into the show. Sergio asked me again, will I be writing something? I replied a very enthusiastic YESSSSS!!!! Honestly, if you've been reading my blogs you'd know I'm a sucker for a good drummer, and in the first few songs of the first set, when I heard Sergio rock out on his own, on the drum kit I knew I was in for quite a treat enjoying the music that day!

© Cheryl Alterman Photography 2023

Pablo Cruise played two solid hours of music, going off set list throughout the show as the tour manager kept commenting to me about, during the show. A lot of ad libbing came from Dave and Cory making fun of themselves mostly. Chatting to the appreciative fans.

Whilst writing this, I had a look at their past shows and tours on You Tube and they used to play to massive audiences everywhere. Really incredible to look at their past. They made it to the big time one would say. And their top notch musicianship proves this. It's heard at the core of their music. No doubt about this group...They all are super talented musicians!

They were catching a plane directly after this show but if they weren't I bet they could've played on into the night. I must admit, they really impressed me. I wasn't expecting to be blown away that day, but I was standing next to the drummer most of the show, and his playing impressed me so much, next week were having a chat and the next blog will be all about him and his career so watch this space...that's how much his playing impressed me! And when you hear what he's done in his career I'm sure you'll be as impressed too. Cory and Dave picked the cream of the crop when finding the best for the Pablo Cruise of today.

The 2023 Pablo Cruise band is Cory Lerios keys and vocals, David Jenkins guitar and vocals, Sergio Gonzalez drums, Larry Antonino bass and vocals and Robbie Wyckoff vocals and miscellaneous percussion. If you get the chance to see them, and I suggest you do, the show is a lot of fun and Cory and Dave will get you laughing as well!

© Cheryl Alterman Photography 2023

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