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A Little Art (and humour) for a Gloomy Day from Artist, Robert Deyber

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Robert Deyber was an American artist based in Connecticut. He painted from quotes, cliches and sayings. He was always artistic but didnt always work as an artist. Just before I met him for the first time in 2009, when he was 'discovered' by Martin Lawrence Galleries at the New York Art Expo. Before he went into painting professionally, he told me he was working in the airline industry. I believe he was the guy on the tarmac with the light sticks seeing the planes in to park. For Bob, art was always 'love and a hobby'. We chatted for a long time, as art has always been a love and a hobby for me too. For the following years we followed each others art work, and he very nearly convinced me to exhibit at the New York Art Expo, so I too can be "discovered". I ended up not doing that, but we always kept in touch.

Through the years, he had suffered great pain from a back injury and sadly, last year he took his own life at age 66, because he simply couldn't live with the pain any longer. He wrote a letter for the public, saying goodbye, and his long time partner Rob Graham posted it on Bobs social media sites.

I got the privilege of seeing him yearly when he came into town to accompany his shows at Martin Lawrence Gallery on Geary St, in San Francisco. I have two of his artworks. One is called, "High as a Horse" which shows a horse smoking a joint, and the other was from the very beginning of his career, called "The Gift" (below). The Gift painting was so old, he was signing his art on the back of the canvas, way before Martin Lawrence represented him!

Robert Deyber will be missed by many, including me. His charm and warmth were infectious, and these qualities comes through his art. He was an honour and a joy to know. As I always say....Life is short. Love each other whilst you can, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. ❤️ Robert Donald Deyber, Jr. (August 13, 1955 - September 20, 2021)

“The Robert Deyber Foundation, Inc.” was established to support multiple charities that embody the causes that Bob was passionate about, including Veterans, Animal Welfare and the Visual Arts. Please visit to learn more.

If you want more info on Robert Deybers' art: Barry Chukerman / Martin Lawrence Galleries

366 Geary, San Francisco, CA 94102

415-717-6500 direct

Please enjoy a few selections of his art...

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