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P!nk live at The Oracle Arena

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Wow! What a show! P!nk, The Beautiful Trauma Tour 2018.

The artist known as Pink, born, Alecia Beth Moore in Doylestown, Pennsylvania in 1979. Pink gets her name from the movie Reservoir of Dogs, a film she saw as a teenager. Her friends thought she resembled the character, Mr. Pink, so eventually she adopted the name after two R&B bands she was in, disbanded and she went solo. At the end of the nineties she recorded her first album, "Cant Take Me Home" released in 2000. And a star was born!

Pink, a singer/songwriter, activist, and an all round promoter of equality of the races, sexes and human rights. She stands for girl power today, I think in the a more serious way than the Spice Girls may have invigorated in the 90s. Although she looks tough, she has a soft side. She is an outspoken advocate for the LGBT community and for the better treatment of animals, putting her celebrity behind campaigns sponsored by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She also supports organizations like Human Rights Campaign, UNICEF, and Save the Children.

At her concert she was outspoken and articulate about such subjects as climate change, gay rights, and politics without being, umm...errr....'political'. She talked about the power of women, flashing images of the 'nasty women' theme on the screen, and celebrating the 'history changing females' throughout time. As well as talking about the androgynous artists we've had through the years, that have made the world a better place such as David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson etc. One of the most poignant things she said, and there were many...was, why do we call marriage between two people of the same sex 'gay marriage' or 'normal' straight marriage why can't we just hope for happy marriages and stop giving them titles...FULL STOP. She touched on the importance of climate change, and loving one another. Her show reminded me of all the important things we have in life, that go against all Trumpee talk, similar to the recent Roger Waters tour, in many ways, but in a female, very much less hostile angry way, than he portrays in his show. Both, entertaining for sure, just conveyed in very different manners. She put a real genuine female touch on all the things Waters portrays in his recent tour with Trump being laughed at and depicted as the narcissist baby pig that Trump is. Pinks' messages were without even mentioning the orange buffoon once. She merely talked about all the sensible human and earth loving matters we need to deal with, without mention of the potus pig even once! A very effective twist to get into all ears no matter who you voted for. She spun it with an important human element of this life we are all struggling to live the best we can. I loved the Roger Waters show immensely, every minute of it, but he didn't get the message through to the Trumpees that were there, because when he started his rant on Trump and showing pictures of the narcissistic pig that he is, the Trumpees simply got up and walked out of the auditorium. Whereas Pinks message didn't cause people to leave, even if there were trumpees there, nothing was conveyed in an offensive was all said in a non hostile non partisan human loving and kind way.

Her live show was nothing short of spectacular! This was her "Beautiful Trauma Tour." A really really big show! With trapeze, lots of costume changes, 10 dancers and a full band. The performance aspect was stunning. I was amazed, as I hadn't heard anything about her live performances ever, which may have been a good thing. I didn't know what to expect. During the show, whilst watching it, I felt the magic...perhaps the same kind of magic that a child may feel in their first trip to the circus.

The show started curiously with curtains closed and a Whitesnake tune, 'Here I Go Again', playing. Then she emerged from the sky, on a chandelier type object, climbing around it, singing until she lowered herself to the stage floor. The whole show was comprised of air acrobatics and dancing on the stage and in mid air. She had ten gorgeous and very talented dancers accompany her, as well as a very tight 8 piece band. The musical standouts for me from her band were, Justin Derrico, her super hot and talented guitarist, Eva Gardner her beautiful rocking bass player, and Mark Schulman killing it on drums. All strong players, and all have very long and impressive lists of who they've played for in the past. She played for two hours. Many hits, as well as a several tunes I've never heard.

Her connectivity with the audience was likened to that of a Springsteen or Pearl Jam, concert. She spoke to, shook hands, accepted gifts, and autographed things for many members of the audience whilst she sang. She read signs the audience members brought, tee shirts they wore, and chatted whilst onstage, complimenting one guy on his tattoo, asking another woman how pregnant she was and having a small discussion with this mum to be about standing on her feet at the show when she's due to give birth in only four weeks time! Then she went into a bit about her own role as a mum. She talked about her not being a girly girl and the difficulties that came with it whilst growing up. She then had a wonderful scripted story about when her own daughter, Willow, said to her on the way to school one morning, she's the ugliest girl she knows cause she doesn't have long hair (about her self ,at age six). After Pink naturally wanted to kick some six years old class mates ass for probably teasing Willow at some point. She discussed it with Willow and said to her daughter, "do you think I'm ugly", "no" Willow answered, "you're beautiful" Pink replied, "well I don't have long hair either". It obviously affected her in the same way it would affect all inner pain that your child is struggling with in their own identity. I remember many times, going to bat for my kids. One time, my son, wanted to have long hair, so I supported his decision. Even though his classmates were all sporting their hair very short. One day he got thrown into the girls bathroom by the other boys for being different. As a parent, the pain cuts deep into the parents heart. And the story she told about her daughter feeling ugly reached into my own heart. As it probably did with many others.

Connecting with Pink wasn't hard to do. Reminded me a tad of Eddie Vedder, when he chats with his audience or when he went into the handicapped section of the audience one night in San Jose. Sitting with his guitar and singing with them on an intimate level. Pink did this in a grand fashion. Even at the end, she strapped herself into a harness, (with the help of a couple of her gorgeous male dancers) and said she's coming to see the audience. And like a gigantic rubber band, she was then catapulted around the audience through the air, singing whilst getting up close with audience members! Lenny Kravitz did that at a show in Wembley in 2003, but he did it on foot. He walked all round the Wembley Arena, even up in the nose bleeds. He said he wanted to touch everyone! She did the same...but instead of on foot....she did it on a rubber band!

All in all, Pinks performance was an A+! Even at one point in the show she messed up and either forgot the lyric or missed the rolled off her back and I don't know how many audience members (aside from me) even noticed. But she is a true professional and seems so very human accepting her mistakes, her own flaws which she talked about and made it very clear we are all just going through this thing called life, so lets respect and love each other whilst were here.

I left the Oracle with a real 'feel good' vibe. This concert was like a movie with a magical ending.

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